7 crazy facts about whales

Whales are a fascinating species of aquatic creature and one of Earth’s most mysterious animals. They date back millions and millions of years ago and while there are more than 70 species of whale, we still don’t know everything about them.

So, without further ado, here I will provide seven crazy yet interesting facts about the marine mammals…

1: Female humpback whales will not only make friends with other females but will reunite each year. Yes, that’s right, even whales have BFFs! Somehow, these giant creatures can remember their friends and can locate them amongst all the other whales in the ocean. It’s your typical best pal relationship really, which includes; eating, enjoying each other’s company and gossiping, that last one isn’t true, but we can imagine can’t we?

2: I’m going to couple these next two together because they both involve bodily fluid so be warned…The vomit from a whale can be worth a lot of money, tens of thousands of pounds to be precise and its also used in the production of perfume (“oh you smell lovely what are you wearing?” | “Whale barf”). If that wasn’t weird enough for you try this one on for size; Fin whales could fill three baths a day with their pee.

3: Most people would say the mammoth or the legend that was the megalodon is considered the largest animal to exist. But in fact, the largest animal is still with us and it’s the blue whale. This beast can reach up to 100ft in length and weigh around 400,000 lbs. If that wasn’t enough to exaggerate their size then maybe this will; their tongue alone can weigh the same amount as an elephant!

4: Here is one for all you movie fans out there. Ever wonder what noises they used to make the T-Rex roar in Jurassic Park? No, they didn’t use a whale unfortuantely. Nope, that honour goes to a mix of a baby elephant, a tiger and an alligator. However, when the dinosaur breathes, that is the sound of a whale’s blow.

5: Orcas, or killer whales, are in fact, just whales in disguise. They actually belong to the dolphin family and are found in every ocean on the planet. These guys are bad news for other marine life as they will feed on everything from birds to seals to even sharks.

6: While it has never been scientifically proven that the beluga whale likes music, you can’t deny the curiosity and enjoyment they express whenever some is played for them. An example of this was back in 2013 when two Winnipeg artists sailed out to sea with a high-tech sound system and played some tunes for the beluga whales, they were very interested and seemed to be loving it.

7: Not all whales are as aggressive as the famous Moby Dick, the whale that hit and sunk an English whaling ship around 1820, but they’re normally quite gentle and caring, even to other species. From sperm whales adopting a deformed dolphin, supposedly rejected from its pod, into their ranks, to beluga whales adopting inanimate objects such as planks or rocks as surrogate babies.